Marketplace software development

Online marketplace platforms bring together customers and product providers of different services and products. The business model in this category should be scalable and withstand significant user loads. Our custom marketplace development company offers a wide range of solutions for the web-sites and applications development in the service sector. An experienced team of our marketplace software developers carefully investigates consumer expectations, that helps us to design and implement unique solutions meeting all your needs.

Analyze and design

Business strategy and roadmap

Business strategy creation and product roadmap development

When you begin to build effective marketplace that creates exchange spaces, it is necessary to make deep analysis of your positioning, business model and possible risks. It further defines product roadmap, milestones and different initiatives. Our custom marketplace software development company creates a specified product requirements document for your B2b or B2c product.

UX/UI design

UX/UI design providing

Brights team of UX/UI designers implements an agile prototype to highlight your e-commerce marketplace platform main idea. To achieve business goals all e-stores have the identical functionality: buy and sell products. However, we know what exactly has crucial importance and preponderance: filter operation and advanced search, well-ordered catalog and intuitive tools for full sales cycle management.

Quality assistance

Reliable support throughout the whole marketplace developing process

Our marketplace development company offers powerful testing and sophisticated QA services on every phase of e-commerce marketplace development. From the very beginning to the final release you get full-cycle development services. Also we can think about your project's concept and business model, possible directions to expand and increase your trading platform income as well as where and how to interact with your exclusive customers.

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How to implement

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    Analyze the market

    Are you dreaming about another creation? Then, unfortunately, we are forced to disappoint you. Nowadays, duplicates are deprived of interest from user side. To reach success a marketplace web app has to offer something really fresh and unique. Otherwise, your business project can be on the verge of a foul. It is very important to research your competitors, to analyze their offers and find out how to shine through the existing services.

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    Build a marketplace MVP after target audience testing

    To solve the real problems of users helps any custom marketplace app to expand and grow. Creating an MVP, it is important to show it users at an early developing phase, which later helps to avoid results that users will not appreciate. Forehanded feedback is the key to creating an attractive sales channel for service providers and appropriate market platform.

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    Integrate third-party services

    Having wide experience in integration of third-party services, our custom marketplace software development company provides comprehensive handiness for your users. Thanks to this integration, developing process becomes more cost-effective and allows your company quickly add different functions and implement other companies experience.

Marketplace development features

Brights - marketplace development company, that provides custom development services adapted to your business needs. Here are some of the key features for your reliable e-commerce marketplace.

  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Admin portal
  • Vendor profile
  • Buyer profile
  • Search
  • Chat + chatbot
  • Reviews
  • Notifications
  • Payment
  • Analytics

Why us

  • We have expertise in marketplace business domain. We understand the key business processes of the marketplace business domain, as well as the main classes of IT systems which are used in it. Business is changing very fast, so to be up to speed, we monitor the marketplace software trends.
  • We use ready solutions and codebase. We carry out our experience in frameworks and codebase developing that could be reused in further projects. Precise understanding of proper technologies needed for the project development and scaling, allowed us to build an architecture template which would be a good base for project development in growth.
  • We work with clients as one team. With the correct approach and the right team, building a marketplace can be quick and easy – even if you’re starting from scratch. Our marketplace development company works with our clients as one team that greatly increases workplace productivity and provides higher results in future.

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